Ready for the Dog Days?

The "dog days" of summer are coming - are you ready?

Days get hotter. The sun beats down on you before you even get into work, making you tired. Your team has been slaving away and no one can help but to look outside into the sunshine and wonder why they're stuck inside when the rest of the world is having fun. We all pine for an extended vacation to rejuvenate.

You can rejuvenate your team without sending everyone to Hawaii.

Take them on an adventure they'll never forget - for a tiny fraction of the cost.

With Scavenger Hunt-based team building events, your group can get into the sunny days of summer and soak in some sun while bonding with their mates in ways you've never imagined.

Solving problems together in a fun, relaxed setting that puts no one's life or limb at risk over zip-line canyons or behind the wheel of gas-guzzling, exhaust-choking vehicles will bring smiles to their faces.

They'll love working for such a cool boss.

They won't even notice that it's too hot outside, even for a dog to work.




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