Rookie of the Year

Newcomers to a team, particularly inexperienced ones, often struggle to fit in. The new team, the new environment, the new job all can overwhelm a talented rookie.

But some rookies rise to the challenge and perform in outstanding ways. When that happens, observers take notice and reward them with accolades, raises, and promotions. The best among newcomers may be awarded the title "Rookie of the Year."

Rookies succeed, even flourish, when they are made to feel welcome - an important part of the team. Their contributions matter. The team can't win without them. Teams that go out of their way to make the new kid fit in find that their rookies succeed more often - become "Rookie of the Year."

Rookies struggle when their efforts go unnoticed, don't seem to make a difference, or they don't fit in. Many will wash out.

Rookies today are your veterans of tomorrow. What they learn in their first year on your team will color their career with you. They will apply the lessons they learn in their first year to all future years.

They'll treat future rookies the way they were treated in their rookie year.

How are you treating your rookies? Will they wash out - or become Rookie of the Year?




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