Sequestration: How not to act like a team

Congress and the President are poised to allow "sequestration" to occur at midnight tonight. "Sequestration" in this context means dramatic across-the-board spending cuts in all areas of the federal government, regardless of the value or success of the program being cut.

This is happening, we believe, for a fairly simple reason:  lack of teamwork.

To wit:

  • lack of communication
  • lack of trust
  • unwillingness to work together to solve problems
  • blaming
  • unwillingness to compromise- refusal to accept partial or interim successes when available to build trust, communication and cooperation
  • And most of all: they aren't having one tiny, teeny bit of fun.

It's not like this is entirely unexpected. After all, our Founding Fathers set up our federal system of checks and balances under the assumption that "factions" would ultimately behave exactly as our two political parties are now.

We see a silver lining, though.

Our federal politicians are setting an excellent negative example of how NOT to act when trying to build a team.

Lesson learned.

'Round here, we'd much rather build teams and have a little fun doing it... without creating a fiscal crisis.




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