Set Team Building Goals

You spend good money on your team's outing, so you want to get the most out of it. To ensure that you get the most for your money, the best first step to take is to set goals for your team's event or outing.

In fact, it's best to do it before you go choose the type of event or provider for your team's outing. While it's okay to shop around at any time for ideas and to get a solid picture of the types and quality of offerings your provider can offer, it's best not to issue a check or book an event until you know what you want to achieve.

A good team building company can help you walk through this, but you can also prepare yourself as you do your research.

Here are some potential goals to consider:

  • Just have fun. We like this one. Why not just get the group out of the office and shake out the cobwebs? Everyone will return to work refreshed and ready to tackle tomorrow's problems.
  • Reward your team for a job well done. They work hard for you - and will work harder if their efforts are recognized and appreciated.
  • Help your team members get to know each other better. Some events are better than others for accomplishing this. Ask your provider how their game can help you accomplish this.
  • Build rapport and communication. Does the game involve communication and depending on each other for team success?
  • Team bonding. How does the event help your team pull together and develop an espirit de corps?
  • Develop specific skills. Are there job skills you want honed with an event? (We're moving away from fun here, folks... just sayin'.)
  • Sort out the wheat from the chaff. Are you trying to determine who has guts and who doesn't? If not, consider how the outing may put people in that situation when you don't want it to. Ask:  is this event appropriate?
  • Scare the heck out of someone, or embarrass them? If so, go on ahead with karaoke or bungy jumping. We'll talk to you another time.
  • Get someone hurt or killed? If so, go ahead with that ropes course or boot camp and have the survivors call us for a fun event next year.





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