Six ways to give back (CSR)

Sometimes the way to bring a team together is to give them a common, higher purpose.

Something they can do to make the world a better place in a real and visible way. Like:

  • Building bikes and giving them to needy kids
  • Weeding, clearing, or planting a community garden
  • Cleaning up the public beaches or highways
  • Collecting toys to give kids
  • Helping out at the Food Bank
  • Sending a care package to overseas armed forces or aid workers

Easy to say.

Hard to do?

Not if you bring in some help.

You can make these activities part of your team building activities by incorporating Corporate Social Responsibility elements into your event. Seasoned pros in the team building world like Run Brain Run can help show you how.

The event becomes a magical, transformative experience for everyone. Your team will feel great about doing something good for the world. You'll feel great about that PLUS making your team a more cohesive unit. The world will be a better place. Everyone ends the day with a smile permanently etched onto their faces.

Think about it.

You'll be glad you did.




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