"Sometimes" Teams

One of my favorite sports teams is a major contender for winning the championship in its respective league this season. Most days they play like champs - working as a team, backing each other up, almost as if they can read each others' minds.

Sometimes, we wonder.Other days they look terrible, and I wonder, "Is this even the same team?"

Sometimes, they're NOT.

They're a "Sometimes Team."

I really want them to be a "Solid, Everyday Team." Which is of course what I also want for my team at the company.

I don't mean to imply that any time a team has an off day, they're a "Sometimes Team." Everyone has off days. Some days, the competition is just better than us. It happens.

But sometimes, my sports team just doesn't click. Their ace doesn't shine. The supporting cast doesn't come through. The starting player needs to sit one out, and the backups don't seem ready. On those days, they're not acting like a team.

They're a "Sometimes Team."

"Solid, Everyday Teams" can shake off a bad day, come to work the next day and know that everyone around them is pulling for them. Wanting to win.

"Sometimes Teams" let the down days get under their skin. They blame, they lose confidence in one another, wonder if their teammates came prepared to beat the competition today.

Is your team a "Solid, Everyday Team" or a "Sometimes Team?"



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