Take a break

It's that time of year for many schools, from kindergarten to college:  Spring Break. A time to leave the desks, papers, and teachers' dirty looks behind and recharge the batteries with something fun, and hopefully something that takes advantage of the warmer weather and sunny skies.

Why should school kids have all the fun?

The truth is, we all need breaks from the routine. Activating the long-forgotten nodes of the brain responsible for creativity, fun, and laughter has been shown to improve concentration, morale, and productivity back in the work place.

We have some terrific options for doing just that:

  • Search Party, our scavenger-hunt style game in over a dozen locations in Portland and Seattle;
  • Alias and Alibi, an intensive immersion game of spy versus spy, also in Stumptown and Starbucksland;
  • Philanthropic or "CSR" games, anywhere you want to play them;
  • and more!

So, take a spring break, have fun... and if you need some ideas, call us!




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