Team Building and Giving Back

When cold weather strikes, as it has in many parts of the country in recent days, it is well to remember those whose daily routine does not include the comforts of a well-heated, well-appointed office. Or even a cubicle. Or even a roof and walls.

The fact that there are people less fortunate should not stop you from making your team more effective, more bonded, or better communicators. The fact that some on your team are more aware of this fact than others should not stop you from emphasizing the great connections your team members have, nor from rewarding them with a fun holiday outing after a year of excellent effort.

But it might suggest that perhaps your holiday outing could take on a bit of a socially responsible air - allowing your fun and games to benefit the less fortunate, or those who are overseas, risking all and sacrificing greatly to keep us free and safe.

Give it some thought. We're happy to help, no matter which way you go.




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