Team Building begins at home

Want a great team, with great a high "3-C" factor - cohesion, communication and cooperation?

It all begins at home.

Team members are far more likely to be productive, cooperate and communicate well with colleagues and work well as a unit on the job if they're doing all of that at home.

There's no quick, easy fix for when that isn't going well. A lot of hard work on their part, a lot of supportive patience on yours.

Since it's Valentine's Day, maybe you could alert your team members to a sweet little deal some friends of ours have that can make almost any couple want to cuddle a bit more.

It's a tour based on Chocolate... lots of it. Check it out here. You can even buy gift certificates. That gives your team twice as many opportunities to smile - once when they give and receive, and once when they redeem and enjoy.

Pass this on to your team.

It couldn't hurt, right?





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