Team building for social groups

Usually team building brings to mind large corporate organizations, spread over a large campus or building (or nationally) with multiple divisions that don't often see each other or interact in person. But team building can work for small, even social groups, too.

Social groups, like private companies, often find a need to improve communications, build familiarity and trust, and just get to know each other in a fun, relaxing, non-threatening way - just like companies.

For social groups, though, team building takes on a different imperative. Instead of ensuring a profitable bottom line, team building goals in social groups revolves around building the interpersonal relationships for their own sake. They just want to have positive, shared experiences. Create memories. Laugh. Enjoy each other. And, down the road, have more positive interpersonal interactions.

That's why we keep our games flexible and fun. We don't try to pin a group down into a given process - blue and red dots on affinity diagrams after long boring lectures... even we fall asleep during those.

Recently we've even created "family and social group" variations of our games to emphasize the just-pure-fun aspect of things. Yes, we still challenge your left and right brains. But we also give the old heart muscle a tug or two... in a colloquial way.

Curious? Call or email. We'll do some 'splainin'.




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