Team Building games: A Safe Risk

Continuing our series of the benefits of games in team building, this week we address why games are a "safe risk" for team building.


Games are “safe”

Some organizations consider a wide range of alternatives when they first investigate team building options. The more adventurous members of a group often suggest high-adrenaline sports outings, like skydiving, zip-lining, or rock climbing. Other, seemingly safer alternatives such as karaoke, go-kart racing might be suggested. While exhilarating for some, there are two key problems with such adventures.

First, some members of the group may be physically unable to participate. At times, members may be reluctant to admit their incapacity, feeling a risk of ridicule or peer pressure to “cooperate.” Already, we can see the seeds of breakdown in what is supposed to be a team-building opportunity.

Second, even the milder versions of these activities might terrify or embarrass some. While karaoke may appeal to the office divas who love the blue spotlight, others would rather cross freeways blindfolded than allow anyone to hear them sing. And “just listening” while others participate runs counter to the very idea of team building.

Games don’t require people to risk their personal safety or humiliation. Nobody dies or gets left behind. Once again, “it’s just a game,” and everyone can play.



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