Team building that doesn't work

A survey of office workers in Great Britain revealed that participants in many kinds of team building exercises just doesn't work.

The article states that "workers feel that some organised team-building activities can be a waste of time, and at worst, are toe-curlingly embarrassing."

Not all team building efforts, mind you. But certainly the "awkward and silly team-building activities, including enduring bikini-clad 'bed baths' and massages from colleagues, holding lingerie parties, and eating crickets as part of a 'bush tucker trial' style event."

So-called "trust-building" exercises, introduced into environments where the very foundation of trust - good communication, mutual awareness and respect - was lacking are doomed to failure. The article notes:  "[A]drenaline experiences like speed-boating and bungee jumping are considered the least effective team-building activities, followed by trust exercises such as being blindfolded and led by colleagues."

Instead, employees suggested that outings that improved communication worked best. Things that enabled staff to get to know each other and work as teams. Charity work, for example.

We're glad to know that we've been doing it right all these years. Or at least, that British workers agree with us.




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