Team Identity Building

Does your team building event include activities promoting "Team Identity?"

We think it's a pretty important aspect of a team bonding outing. Team Identity gives participants a strong sense of "Being in This Thing Together," strengthens the sense of the common mission, of the need to share, communicate, and back each other up. A heightened sense of mutual concern, support, and cheerleading.

It's the "hook" into team bonding - a great first step, reinforced by all of the other activities you'll follow up with in the outing.

Without it, what do you have? A bunch of people going out to dinner, doing a ropes course, playing a game, attending a concert. In short, you have an activity that a bunch of people happen to be doing together.

Team Identity activities don't need to be complex or difficult - in fact, they should be simple and easy. Be it coming up with a team name, a team cheer, wearing the same color, or sharing the same funny walk, it ought to be one of the first things you do at the event.

So, when you talk to team building event providers, ask them about Team Identity.



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