Team, manage your boss!

Manage your boss!Bosses have a distinct and key role on any team. The boss is the leader, manager, inspiration of great things. He or she makes decisions about resources, priorities, timing, staffing, pay, days off, and so on.

But bosses need to be managed, too.

In fact, on any successful team, the management of the boss by the team may be one of the most critically important aspects of team cohesion and success.

This doesn't mean that the staff gets to make decisions about the boss's pay, time off, etc.

What it means is that teams need to communicate their needs, priorities, resources, timing constraints, etc. - and previously-made decisions about those factors - to the boss in the same way that the boss communicates decisions about those to staff.

And when the boss makes choices that are incompatible with the staff's needs - the needs that facilitate team success - staff needs to tell the boss where he or she is going astray.

Not doing that could lead the whole team astray.

You're part of that leadership structure, whether you're the boss or the staff.

So... manage your boss, team.


(If you're having difficulty communicating openly with said boss... perhaps some team building could help?)

(Oh, and include your boss in that, would you?)




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