Teamwork: Run, Teams, Run

Hood to Coast, the largest relay race in the world starts tomorrow, August 23.

This event features twelve-person teams who propel themselves along a 198-mile route by foot from Timberline Lodge on Mt. Hood (elevation 6000 feet) to the small coastal town of Seaside, Oregon. Teams depart at 6:30 AM and are expected to arrive in Seaside by early evening on Saturday.

The event is a great example of how teams should work.


  • Every person contributes a known, fixed amount of the work (running). Expectations are clear.
  • The team's success depends on individuals' success.
  • If one person falters, there are eleven others to help pick them up.
  • Not every member of the team runs. Some perform critical support functions - e.g. driving the team van to ensure the next runner is in place at the exchange point and the tired teammate is picked up for a much needed rest.
  • Good communication is essential.
  • Universal buy-in is essential.
  • Planning and preparation are key, but so is being able to respond to unexpected situations on the ground. If someone can't go on, the next person up needs to fill in.
We at Run Brain Run celebrate the many individuals and teams who participate and make this such a great Pacific Northwest event.





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