Ten things we couldn't live without

Here at Run Brain Run, we have much to be thankful for.

We can't list all of them... and even if we did, you wouldn't read it. But here are ten things that top the list - things we couldn't live without.

In no particular order, we're most thankful for:

  • Strong teams, who give us great role models for shaping our team and helping yours
  • Weaker teams who recognize they can be better - and want to be
  • Fun and games that make us laugh as we improve teamwork
  • Serious moments that make us appreciate the laughter more
  • The glorious outdoor environments in which we work and play
  • The cozy indoor venues that give us an escape when the outdoors gets harsh
  • The curious nature of the human animal that constantly wants to learn, improve, enjoy, and explore
  • People who build bikes for underprivileged kids
  • People who donate time and money for those who serve and those who suffer
  • You, for reading this, and being part of our world

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