The A La Carte Menu

We're always asked about other ways to spice up a game with add-ons. Since we have so many offerings, here's just a few options available for our Search Party games. Not all of these apply (like no video cameras inside the art museum), but just ask and we'll get you hooked up.

  • Exciting Video Challenges: We'll pass out HD video camcorders to each team and get everyone excited for fun video competitions that challenge teams and create digital memories of your event.
  • Custom Clues & Challenges: Let's work together to have our game reinforce new products, services or procedures. Sales training has never had it so good. The teams will have to recall what they just learned in your sessions - and they won't be expecting it!
  • Secret Agents (aka Actors/Plants): Is that person asking them to sign a petition for a good cause or do they have the next Clue? We have dozens of variants for placing our actors into the game and all of them are incredibly hysterical. If you want to have your guests talking for days on end, then ask about our Secret Agents.
  • Afterparty: We love to end our games at restaurants or bars and we are more than happy to help you with these arrangements. While your guests mingle and get settled, your Game Directors will tally up all the scores. Just as the food and drink are about to be served, we will start the awards ceremony and announce all the winning teams.
  • Different Prize Levels: Our standard prizes begin with simple fun prizes for the winning team and can go up from there. We can create all sorts of prizes for the top teams depending on the event.
  • Color Coordinated Team T-Shirts or Backpacks: Help teams find their spirit with these colorful souvenir items.
  • Invitations: We can provide digital or standard invitations.
  • Personalized items: Increase the fun with unique items such a personalized decoding pens, fortune cookies, secret messages and more.
  • Executive speakers: Inspire your guests with a great speaker that will follow the game.
  • Transportation: Need to move 10 people? How about 200? Let us make it happen.

Call us today at 888-604-3350 and tell us what what options you'd like and whether there's a theme to your event. One of our staff can customize your game with one of these à la carte add-ons or give you ideas on others that we've done in the past.



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