Three game-changing necessities

Are you a game-changer?

A game-changer is a performer who - as the name implies - changes not only the outcome of an individual contest, but who changes the very way a game is played. Whose very presence makes everyone else rethink, re-evaluate, re-strategize.

An example:  Chip Kelly, head coach of the Oregon Ducks football team. His innovative, fast-paced offense brought the Ducks  back to back conference championships, reverberated throughout NCAA football and has caused many competing programs to either mimic his strategy - or go nearly crazy trying to defend against it. Now, teams such as #1-ranked Oklahoma have adopted the strategy - and even improved upon it.

To be a game-changer like Chip Kelly, you need three things:

  • Innovation. You need the "new idea." It doesn't need to be your own, necessarily, but it needs to be something others haven't tried successfully. A fast-paced offense isn't new - the "two minute offense" has been around for decades. That's the highly successful "hurry-up-and-score" approach all teams take at the end of a game when they're behind. Chip didn't come up with the idea, but he made it work.
  • Boldness. For years, millions of football fans wondered why teams didn't adopt the "two minute offense" for the entire game. Everyone else came up with reasons why not. Chip Kelly came up with a reason to say yes, and reorganized the Ducks' entire offense and recruiting program around it.
  • Teamwork. To make a bold innovation happen, everyone on your team has to stand behind it. The idea and the plan for execution needs to involve the entire team. That means trust, communication, and cooperation, up and down the line. It means no one is a star unless the entire team succeeds. Oregon's offense isn't built around one player - every player bounces up after every tackle, runs back to the line, and is ready for the next snap in ten to twelve seconds. That's what makes it work.

You can change the game, too, no matter what game you're in. You supply the innovation and boldness. We'll help you with the teamwork.



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