Three team building tips from Forbes

In an article on the increasing success of women-owned businesss, Forbes listed five ways women executives can build stronger teams.

Interesting that they never mention things like "defy death," "pit one individual against another," "humiliate individuals for the enjoyment of the group," or "scare the living daylights out of your team."

They did mention, however, two key items:

  • Balance power carefully.
  • Act collaboratively.
  • Evolve quickly.

Three guesses as to how you can make this happen for your team - whether it's led by a woman or a man.

(Hint:  you're on a "fun team building" website.)

Good guess.

By including your entire team in a fun event that encourages everyone to participate, requires quick creative thinking-on-one's-feet and collaboration - and discourages reliance on just one individual to solve all of the team's challenges, but instead rewards teams who make the most of every team member's contributions - you will make positive steps toward effective balance of power, collaboration and nimble evolution within your organization.




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