Unconventional conventions

Planning a convention in the Pacific Northwest? Great! (And if you're not yet, read on anyway... you'll want to!)

The Northwest's premier cities, Seattle and Portland, have great facilities to house your meetings (such as our convention centers and hotels), great restaurants and caterers to feed attendees and vendors (and planners), and comfortable, affordable hotels providing comfortable, reliable, convenient places to sleep.

But you're not going to spend all of your time in meetings and trade shows, are you? It's the beautiful Pacific Northwest, after all. You'll want to get out of that convention hall and hotel room nexus for a little while. Shake things up. Do something... unconventional.

How about a scavenger hunt? Not a kid-style one, but a "Search Party" style that engages both sides of your brain - the thinking and the creative sides - in a fast-paced, laugh-inducing Amazing-Race-style competition?

Or maybe your group loves bikes. Cool! Why not put together a bike build? With some silly challenges along the way, just to make it more engaging?

Or if you're into secret missions... Sh! Don't tell anyone, but we've got some way cool ideas in that vein, too.

Or something else. Anything! The key is, don't let your meeting be all about... meetings. Do something fun.

If you need ideas, call us.



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