What an operation! Charitable team building, Seattle-style

Yesterday we had the pleasure of engaging the high-energy, enthusiastic teams of Boeing Aircraft in a rousing game of "Operation Care Kits."

Wow. What an experience.

Boeing staff earned care kit components such as canned and packaged food, warm blankets, toe warmers, convenience items like can openers and spare AA batteries, games and puzzles to while away the dull off-duty hours (we can't wait to hear about the all-night Yahtzee tournaments!), and more by overcoming zany challenges with spirit and commitment.

They developed camaraderie by developing a team "marching song," exhibited artistic skills by creating "uniforms" out of tin foil, navigated mazes of red tape blindfolded, and more. They even learned a new way to spell and got very generous while "budgeting."

In the end, they crated up twelve priority-mail shipping boxes of great stuff and enclosed personal notes of thank you to our troops, reminding them that we do, in fact, remember and honor their service and sacrifice.

And when the Army reserve officer stepped out of the shadows to thank them for their generosity... well, there weren't many dry eyes in the house.

See for yourself. Here are some photos of the fun.

Arms specialist and mess captain


Foiled Again!




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