What happens in a Search Party/scavenger hunt game?

We get a lot of questions from you about our games. Some of them come up more frequently than others. Here's one that comes up a lot.

"What happens in your Search Party game? Is it like a scavenger hunt?"

Yes, it is very much like a scavenger hunt. Only it's way more fun.

The games vary by location and by which options you choose to include, but in the basic game, here's what happens:

1. Icebreaker and Intro - We start by getting people divvied up into teams with an icebreaker that gets people moving around and having fun right away. It takes just a few minutes and guarantees laughter.
2. Three or more team challenges  - typically something that involves everyone, helps bond the team and create team identity... intermixed with:
3. Searching for answers to clues - cleverly worded clues and riddles that test your powers of observation in the environment, then
4. Return to the point of origin for scoring your team's efforts and find out the "true" answers, and
5. Announce winners, award "extremely valuable" prizes, and wrap it up.




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