What if it rains?

Often we get asked, "What if I book a game with you, and it rains?"

Rain? In the Pacific Northwest? Are you kidding? When has THAT ever happened?

Seriously, we plan ahead for weather, and we urge you to do the same.

The most sure-fired strategy is to book an indoor game. We conduct indoor events at a number of cool places, like the Art Museum and the Central Library – or at your way-cool company’s campus.

For our outdoor events, three observations.

First off, even when it rains out here, it doesn't usually rain that hard. You might get a few drops on that perfect 'do of yours, but then again, a lot of people think that's sort of sexy.

Second, we plan strategically so you can find cover as often as possible. Many games only require a quick dash from dry place to dry place.

Third, it's not hard to repel those little droplets of sunshine with a little advance planning. Hats, raincoats, even the dreaded umbrella can keep you dry between stops.




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