What if more or fewer people show up to our team building event?

Stuff happens.

You think everyone in the office is going to show up for the, after all, "mandatory" (and of course FUN) team outing you've planned for weeks on end, only to get there on the day of the event and... wham...

Scenario A:  Not only did everyone show up, but they brought their significant others and cousin Ernie from Des Moines who just happened to be in town and maybe could be an intern next semester?

Scenario B:  It looks like a ghost town around here.

Now what?

First off, relax. We're going to get everyone who shows up into the game. We may have to scramble a bit or make a few teams a little larger or smaller than is optimal, but we'll get you all into the game.

Second, about that final bill. Our billing process is fair and transparent. You'll be charged for the number of confirmed or actual participants, whichever is larger.

"Confirmed" means the number we get from you on our official "reconfirmation phone call," usually a few days before the event - as close to the event as possible, so that there's less likelihood of change. That's the number we plan for when we make up game documents, buy prizes, assign staff, order food (if applicable), etc.

"Actual" means the number who show up and play the game on the day of the event.

So if you confirm for 20 and 18 show up, well, this isn't fun to say, but your final bill will reflect the number we had to plan for. If you confirm for 18 and 20 show up, we have to make day-of-event adjustments, which isn't optimal, but you'll have to pay for those additional folks.

This is why we take deposits for half, and make adjustments on those final bills. It means the game can go on, and then it's just a very minor billing issue, and it's all handled very efficiently.

No worries.



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