What if your team just wants to have fun?

Most of our games are what I call "mildly competitive." That is, we introduce a competitive element into the challenges to elevate the level of energy, interest and pacing. That helps motivate some groups who would otherwise not feel a strong incentive to exercise their brains quite as strenuously on a paid-for company outing.

Bragging rights, in other words, are a pretty strong motivator.

But what if you really, really don't want to compete?

For that I might offer three suggestions.

Alias and AlibiOne is, some of our games are less competitive and more cooperative (remember "co-opetition"?) than others. Alias and Alibi, for example, requires that ALL teams succeed in order for the mission to be accomplished. SOMEONE's got to solve each of the mysteries or... well, let's just say, you won't enjoy those beers afterwards.

Second, you CAN play our games without competing with one another. If you really, really want to. You can put your whole team onto the tasks of Search Party, solving all of the clues and engaging in the challenges as a big group. It can get unwieldy with large groups, but it's not a problem if you have 10 or fewer people and you really, really (really) want to stick together. Same with Game Show Live! - you can engage as one big group.Game Show Live

Third, we can send you over to a really terrific group who has activities that can keep your whole group together.

We guarantee that no matter which way you go, your team WILL have fun. And there's NOTHING wrong with that.




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