What "they" say

An ad currently running on TV features Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow quoting his doubters, saying things like:

  • "They said I couldn't be a high school quarterback."
  • "They said I couldn't win a Heisman [Trophy]."
  • "They said I couldn't win a National Championship."
  • "They said I couldn't play in the [National Football] League."

At the end of the ad, Tebow smiles at the camera and says, "Thanks."

Because of course, he's done all of those things. And he's surprised a lot of people with his success.

Tebow also gets ridiculed for his limitations:  he can't pass well, his statistics are awful, etc. etc.

Yet when he leads the team, they win games. Lots of games.

Tebow is the first to give credit to his teammates. He points to the same terrible numbers, the same limitations pointed out by his critics. He shrugs and says, obviously, it was the whole team that won. Not just him.

Forget what "they" say.

Just lead your team the best way you know how. And you'll win.



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