When CSR Teambuilding is done right

A lot of times when we are approached to do corporate social responsibility - aka philanthropic - team building events, customers ask us, "How can we be sure that the gifts and donations get there and are appreciated?"

A lot of team building companies struggle with that question.

For our bike build (Freewheel) and fund-raiser (Play it Forward) team building events, we make sure the gifts go straight into the hands of the recipients in a very simple way:  We ask them to show up and receive the gifts, and thank the donor company.

We also consult with them in advance to make sure that what's being provided meets the needs they're trying to fill.

With Operation Care Kits, that's a little more difficult. We can't bring the soldiers back from Afghanistan (as much as we'd like to), and we can't be 100% sure that they haven't just received another package with 10,000 sticks of beef jerky.

We do ask a representative of the armed forces to formally accept the gift and thank your teams. But how do we know the shipped packages reach soldiers on the front lines?

This week, we got such an acknowledgement.

We thought we'd share it with you.

Days like this is why we do this work.


Operation Care Kits Thank You



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