Who's the hero? You!

What clues hide in the master works of art in Seattle's Art Museum?

What mysteries lurk behind the bright lights of Portland's hippest art galleries, chic shops, bookstores and microbreweries?

Who are those strange figures hiding in the shadows downtown? Do they have the answers to the riddles and challenges facing your team's race against time in a brain vs. brain battle to the finish?

Here's your chance to find out... and be a hero at work.

Starting tonight, June 2, you can get in on the Scavenger Hunt Search Party action from Run Brain Run that up until now has been reserved for private groups.

Just sign up on line (and get your wickedly ridiculous discount code - over 50% off), bring a pal or a workmate and prepare your brain for the smartest laughs you'll ever share.

You'll have bragging rights around the coffee machine when you regale the wannabes with your heroic tales. They'll wished they'd have joined you.

Ah, but they'll just have to wait until the next game.

Unless you want to be a REAL hero and arrange a game for the whole gang. That's cool. We'll hook you up with a game just for your group.

But we'll make sure they know to give you credit for this great find.



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