Who (Seattle) Will Win the Super Bowl?

Who Will Win the Super Bowl?*

It seems perhaps a bit trite to say "The best team." So we won't.

What we will say is, it will be the side that exhibits the best teamwork.

12th ManGetting to the championship level of any major league professional sport is pretty good evidence that you're loaded with talented players, wise coaches and a supportive cast in the front office. It also means you're probably pretty cohesive as a group.

But winning the championship depends on teamwork even more than getting there. Because the other guys are probably a match for your talent, coaches and front office. (Unless you're the 1985 New England Patriots vs. the Chicago Bears. Which we will not discuss.)

The winners of these events need an edge. Something that provides the "X" factor, the unexpected advantage that the other guys don't have and didn't think of. The "Twelfth Man" (and this time we aren't talking about crowd noise).

The ability to work together. To communicate without words. To know each other so well, to be so bonded, that you can anticipate what they're going to do and act accordingly. In football it may mean passing the ball downfield without looking, or throwing a block left when your ball carrier dodges right.

When you get to that point - and the other guys don't do it quite so well - you've got the edge. And that's the team that'll win.

* (We hope it's the Seahawks, but we understand that rooting for the local guys doesn't make it the correct choice. It does make it the "right" choice, though. Doesn't it?)



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