Why can't my team all play together?

Sometimes our groups say to us, "Your events break us up into smaller groups that compete with each other. How is this team building? Shouldn't we all play on the same team?”

Great question. There's no doubt that breaking up your group into smaller teams does conflict, at least theoretically, with the idea of building one great big giant happy communicating team.

But there's a method to our madness. There are at least four good reasons to break your group up into smaller teams:

- Smaller groups get things done. Organizational development experts have studied this ad nauseam and concluded that the optimal size for most teams is between three and seven people, depending on the task. Five's about optimal. Everyone stays on task, everyone has things to do, and there's less overhead.

- Keeps everyone involved. Too many people on a team and somebody's going to sit it out, not having enough to do. Some people just don't work well in large groups. Small to medium sized groups makes sure everyone has something useful to do.

- Benefit of competition: motivation. If we kept you all on one team, what's the motivation to get everything done? What gets your blood pumping? Winning, that's what. Having someone to compete against helps bond your team behind a common goal.

- It's more fun. Because everyone's engaged, everyone wants to win, and the team is effective, people feel better about the activity, both during and after. It's scientifically, um, proven... yeah, proven... that this is more fun.

And above all, we want you to have fun.



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