Why Team Building: Improve Morale

Event planners, managers, facilitators, or anyone else involved in planning a team building event inevitably face the question asked by C-level execs, comptrollers, or stakeholders:  “Why do team building? What are the benefits, and is it worth the time and money we spend?”

We're addressing this question in a series of blogs focused on the benefits of team building. Last week’s blog introduced the topic and summarized the benefits. Starting this week, we’ll explore each area of benefit in greater detail. This week:  Improving Morale.

Many team building events are geared toward the simple goal of “having fun.” While this may strike some as frivolous, the fact is that allowing individuals - even grown-ups - opportunities to laugh and play together yields positive results in the work place.

This is because individuals develop positive cognitive attitudes (i.e., “feel better”) about their work mates after spending time together in a positive, playful environment. Those positive feelings carry over into the work environment, promoting a more cooperative and enjoyable work atmosphere.

Also, staff appreciate companies who acknowledge their hard work by sponsoring fun team activities. Some companies use team building events specifically as rewards for jobs well done and never even mention the intended team building benefits they hope to achieve.

Improved morale, in turn, yields other positive benefits, such as reduced absenteeism, fewer formal and informal complaints (processing of which can be very expensive), shorter and more amicable contract negotiations, lower staff turnover rates, and that ever-elusive king-of-all-benefits, higher productivity.

So, in short:  get your employees laughing together. You'll see bottom line results that you can measure, and soon.


Next week:  How Team Building Improves Communication




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