Will locals have an advantage over out of towners in team building?

Sometimes when we're planning a Search Party scavenger hunt team building game for a customer, the event planner asks, "I know the area of the game really well. Does this give me an advantage in the game?"

In a word, No.

In fact, it may be a hindrance.

Let's take our Seattle-area games. In Downtown Kirkland, for instance, one of the challenges is to identify a number of, er, "environmental phenomena" around Kirkland’s Plaza of Champions. Even if you lived in said plaza, would you know what the caterpillar said? What you do on "Jersey time"? How many candles you need?

Similar challenges would confront teams unraveling the fun challenges and clues at Pike Place Market, Seattle Center or the Seattle Art Museum.

If you relied on your own first-hand knowledge of these locations, you'd probably waste time searching your memory banks rather than the designated search area... and other teams would out-compete you.

So, don't worry about locals having advantages over out of town team builders. We mess with your minds equally.



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