You could always herd sheep.

We've come up with some wacky ideas for team building events in the past. Fortunately, most of them have remained where they started - in our Cheetos-fed imaginations.

Not everyone is so responsible.

According to the Telegraph, a British firm has created a new "craze" in teambuilding - sheep herding.

Yes, sheep herding. Raising the Baa, based in Wiltshire, England, claims the event "helps teams bond and develop teamwork through herding sheep into pens."

Okay. Maybe so.

But wouldn't you rather not do something that sounds just like what we have to do every day while trying to corral co-workers into staff meetings?  (Complete with the risk of stepping in you-know-what.)

We won't subject you to that, ever.

In fact, we have lots of great indoor locations in Seattle and Portland that keeps your peeps away from the sheeps. Check it out. We think you'll be much happier.




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